Every mother in her wardrobe keeps some old jeans, maybe the ones she wore when she was still young in the ’80s or’ 90s. These are usually high-waisted, tight on the ankles, wide on the groin and today they are considered decidedly unflattering for a woman. In fact, just over twenty-year-old girls at the sight of those trousers horrified. In a few, however, they tried them for real, evaluating the effect they have on their bodies.

Those who look good are torn jeans

The torn jeans, however, can be a double-edged sword. While on the one hand they show off perfect physique, with slender and long legs, on the other they are able to exalt any defect. If you choose a skinny model for example, you have to deal with the “salami” effect: the elastic fabric will indeed tend to compress the leg, making some rolls come out from the tears. The larger models instead, such as the boyfrend or baggy cuts, often have very large tears: perfect if you have a long leg and toned, with a few extra pounds could weigh down your figure and not better enhance your legs. In these cases the ideal is to choose a model with smaller tears, perhaps frayed so as not to create defects in the silhouette.

Why are tight jeans bad for health? Skinny jeans are among the clothes most loved by women but, being very tight, they could cause a series of physical problems, just as if they were the wrong size. For example, recent research has shown that they cause damage to the nerves and muscles of the legs, causing the blood to accumulate at the knees when sitting. As if that were not enough, they prevent the water from draining and consequently make it even more visible. cellulite, which women would avoid with pleasure. Unless you want to end up in the hospital with a cystitis or swollen legs just because of too tight jeans, it would be good to use them as little as possible or, alternatively, to enlarge them with “do-it-yourself” remedies.